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Saturday, 30 June 2012





1.   Hold the dumbells with both the hands and stand straight .

2.   In this starting position, your arms are extended, dumbells are at the middle of thighs height from the ground and palms are facing your torso.

3.   Gently roll your shoulders in the upward direction.

4.   Raise your shoulders up as far as you can,while exhaling-out.

5.   Pause for a second in this position and feel the contraction in your traps and shoulders.

6.   Again come back to the starting position, while inhaling.

7.   Repeat as many times as recommended.


Ø Use wrist wraps for a better grip, If dumbells are quite heavy.

Ø The arms should remain extended at all times.

Ø This exercise can  also be performed with the heavy weight plate, the barbell behind the back, the barbell in front and with a shrug machine.

Ø To make  this exercise  more effective for different regions of traps and deltoids, gently roll your shoulders forward, up, back, and down instead of doing just up and down movements.

Ø This exercise is found to be a big cause of back-disk problems, so try to do it under trainer’s  guidance.

Ø Keep your whole body as straight as possible during the whole exercise.

Ø Pace, while doing the exercise must be slow or medium.

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